Art Playground was a blast. For two days we got immersed in the unusual and exciting acts by diverse account of performers and artists laced with an underground exhibition downstairs and upstairs (with the artwork popping out of the smoke). Not to forget the blank cotton wall for being painted on - which soon enough was covered with enchanted symbols, not to forget the satisfying well-rounded line up of DJs, musicians, poetry readers &  movement performers  that did took the whole experience to the escapism level. 

And as for the cherry on top, in the Art Playground Vol 3, we got some unspoken design work to please the eye. Fashion designers -  Cheshe Diversion, Julia Zhuge, Franc Designs, LSYCHLOE, Flara Studios, Black Stripes.

It was a challenging but exciting experience standing among other collaborators Zimo, John Swale (The Motherwolf Club), Mircha Ivens & Eva Suhajek and throwing on a show where fashion could  embody a meaning that's far from capitalistic prejudices. The environment where different forms of art  all intertwined in the Belly of the Beast, the medium where creative limitations were tested to their fullest potential. 

Before diving deeper into details I want to give huge thank you for Julia Zhuge for assisting me during the organisational process, Tor Leijten and Amy Steel for being such devoted stage and backstage assistants and making sure things run smoothly & Anna Lyakhova for her outstanding help with the casting for this beautiful project. Of course Dave Purgas for his outspoken images that does take us back to the captivating moments in the night's hideaway of The Steamship.