Anarchistic, aggressively sweetheart look with some cowboy muse influence is the aesthetic staple and the image that forms in my head when I hear Cheshe Diversion. To empower women, in her approach, Jessica has set up to reform the masculine notions of the anarchy symbol and symbolic pictorial of Jesus Christ (which in fact has also been slightly reformed... here and there). 

It all has a back up story of course, the one that takes our attention to the domestic abuse and rape actions with the number leading up to 193.136 March, 2020 as well as aggression shown towards trans communities. The flashy logo on the t-shirt (scroll below) speaks for itself. But there's more to it of course. This collection will take you through a dusty journey of the soft and loving feminine from small unspoken but noticeable pastel details nicely juxtaposed with the heavier armoured, spiky accessories or garments, vica versa. It's as observing peaceful word exchange between yin and yang or shiva and shakti while on the road trip. 

"Love doesn't wear pants" says Jessica with an idea that love derives from the femininity, softness and gentleness - all of which does not imply weakness, but instead, has always been a source for strength. It took us a few well rolled cigarettes and a cocktail to dive through the past passages and exchange the stories about abusive and toxic relationships and the role that femininity and masculinity play in it. This is when garments started speaking to me and probably will for a lot of other women.

Thank you for making me look like a vintage heroine and breathing in your courageousness and kindness.

You'll find Jessica and her brand Cheshe Diversion in Shoreditch Vintage Market.

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