To be completely brutally honest, just recently have I started to be more appreciative towards life's simplicity, thanks to the new living conditions. It wouldn't be wrong to say that a lot of us were perhaps spoiled by the outsized fortunes, the vibrant lifestyles & moments demonstrated by our heroes online and on TV screens when the life out there was still pretty much boiling. With everything happening at the quick pace, surely, It was irresistible for me not to join my action-oriented counterparts who could be best described by motto "we'll sleep when we are dead". So we had an exciting life and still, correspondingly,  normalized exhaustion and made the habit of awareness, feeling and sensing all the bodily sensations foreign to our lifestyles. You know what, I was shocked when I heard my own breath one day. That makes me want to say "Gosh, was I even breathing before?". I don't even want to think what a big disappointment I was in the eyes of all stoic philosophers. 

On the bright side, the previous year was all about reprogramming myself so I could find pleasure and be comfortable with the idea of being still, not expecting big things to happen, bye bye adrenaline rush. Not too bad. Despite how many times I used to blame my Aries naturally impatient nature for the restless character, I was left with no choice but to face the inevitable reality. In a sense, living with a reliance on the temporary happiness and excitement is a shorthand for emotionlessness, so appreciating the ordinary life was something to look forward to. Having been presented with the unavoidable routine, day-to-day way of living, where going for a walk has become an exciting accomplishment, I started seeing beauty in the boring. For my own surprise, I even bought some real plants to put in my room (and not purely for decoration), so I could sit there through days and find joy in observing their growth in detail.