Time to reveal some shots taken last autumn for Jitrois, this amazing fierce French brand. In 2018, I was extremely happy to work for them as an intern and I really took the whole experience as the greatest opportunity to express myself  again, especially after not blogging for a while. I was assigned to do any creative work I want and see potential in, therefore I arranged a stylistic shoot on no budget featuring their latest pieces. My beautiful model friend Arunė did the main job back then, I was lucky to have her as a model, also, my lovely Adel who had always been more advanced in the number of make up brushes, which is why I trusted her all my make up issues. Our tiny but kick-ass team had a splendid get-together slash work time in Jitrois store in London. Hope y'all like the results! Really want to hear your opinion, my stars... And there's also a video waiting for you below. Byes and kisses!

Model Arūnė Jurevičiūtė 
Media Laura Macij
Styling Laura Macij
Make up Adel Kamalova