Macij twins modeling for A.P Line A/W 2018 collection. 
Have always wanted to collaborate with this brand in some way. It's not possible for me to stop bragging about this much respected mom and daughter business that is inspiring not only by the high-quality youthful style assortment where class and elegance meet the trend waves of our generation but also by that extra mile that the creators of this label go for their clients- the brand is known for their on-spot measurement adjustments. Each piece is sewn according to their each client's needs and fitting and they are taken down either in their store or online. So each piece is made just for that customer with care and love. Take a look at these pictures below, they are so worth your time, loves!

Style by Aida Povilaitytė
Photos taken by Deimantė Dubauskaitė
Make Up by Milda Butkevičienė (Carolina Studio)