Being somewhere else with an insider, someone who was born and raised in that place, is much more of an experience in another country culture and lifestyle wise. You do new things and drastically and spontaneously experience new stuff  that you never thought would ever happen to you. Like my trip in Moscow, where I met bunch of new kiddos like me, artsy people haha, but we didn't meet somewhere in a cafe and talked about arts or common interests as well as we didn't go after tourist attractions in Moscow. 

We saw red square still. And after that had dinner in the city center in the French restaurant just near one of the main streets. Couple glasses of wine made us a bit tipsy and opened the doors in our heads to all sorts of fantasies and ideas which lead us to another silly decision. Just as we were paying our table bill, couple of horses stopped near our table for the passenger lady (high chance to be another tourist) to get down off the horse and we just took the hint (even thought the price was ridiculously high, how could we say no to the god sent sign to us) and decided that horse riding in the center of Moscow would be quite an idea. We went to ATM machine to get some change and then had a lovely, entertaining, tipsy ride on the horse along the streets with cars passing by. 

Just us we were getting into our stay and adapting to the city, sister and me had met close Adel's friends Mila and Dania who were showing us around most of the time. We went to Mila's country house and had breakfast with her amazing family. Dania is a marketing photographer, but I believe he is better at spotting interesting and hidden locations that are non-existent to most people till this day. What a multi-talent though! The abandoned castle in my pictures was discover by him too. He brought us all there and did these memorable shots.

We had just a week length stay and it was obviously not enough to discover everything. However, it was enough to get the first impression which is also much more real and authentic. Check more on our new video vlog! Hope y'all love!