Who could have thought that museums are a thing in Copenhagen. During my recent trip to the capital of Denmark I had visited few places that were most reviewed on blogs and etc (sure I did my research before heading there). Need to say, I did not have any expectations and had no clue what Copenhagen art scene was like before going there which was one good reason for me to get surprised, yet I enjoyed museums there so much I even decided to make separate blog posts about them. I had taken bunch of photos that would just look a total mess if they were mashed up here in one article. 

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek was the last one me and my sister checked out but it was something I'd been waiting for the most throughout my stay. Probably my excitement came mainly from the collection of the sculptures from all around the globe as I have a secret place in my heart just for Renaissance art. Moreover, they also had a separate collection of art pieces mentioning the important blossoming of their own Danish art culture and that was enough of a reason alone to invest our time and money into it. 

You're more than welcome to check my favourite ones below, however, mind that there's gonna be spoilers (in case you're planning to go there and check everything for yourselves). Anyway, it's still a very inspiring instagram-friendly photo archive for you, loves, just to feed your souls a bit of goodness.  Do not forget to leave your feedback! Kisses

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