"My graduate collection is based on duality of human nature. It is all about how we struggle everyday of not being capable to understand which side of ours is good or bad and yet trying to communicate with each other, secretly hoping they will see who we really are." 
-Smiltė Udrėnaitė-

Shout-out for my friend Smiltė Udrėnaitė who is a recent graduate of VDK (Vilniaus Dizaino Kolegija) and who came up with this duality concept for her graduate collection. I was more than pleased to help and to involve myself in it , even though, my role was comparatively small- I was modelling for a small creative film showcasing the garments she created. 

We did some fittings first in her flat in Vilnius and the next day early in the morning started prepping for the shoot. The pink eye make up was done by the amazing Justė Vaškevičiūtė and there was no need for a hair stylist as a swimming cap solved all the hair problems. 

The filming process took place in Illusion Rooms in Vilnius which is a very quirky place, perfect for shoots like that, however, filming in a room full of mirrors was a bit of a struggle, but Rytis Titas who was behind the camera dealt with it all. Overall, it was a great experience- I was so happy to finally work on a mutual project with Smilte. It's overwhelming feeling to become part of her work and just see her grow as an artist from aside too. I'm so proud!

Make sure you see the video we produced below and tell me what you think.