Today my blondie head feels so much like celebrating every broken part of me that, once, I was so concentrated on eliminating. Striving for that external and internal life balance, time to time, I've had to come to terms with my faults. Not the easiest thing in the world but crucial if you want to experience freedom from your own self, unlocking doors to the inner peace. I truly believe that one is totally healed from his emotional traumas once he finds that peace which is equal to accepting yourself as you are, imperfect and still allowing yourself to feel the ultimate joy, freedom, love that, as you probably have noticed, begins from within. 

Drifting away from the topic, so many times we block the most wonderful things from coming into our life such as love, abundance, freedom by co-creating intangible obstacles to justify all the negative beliefs we brought ourselves to believe in since the old good sandbox days. If you keep telling yourself things  like "I find it hard to trust people", "Money doesn't come easy" you will always find yourself in the situations that prove that point, if you say "I don't believe in love", you will never allow yourself to experience it, because the facts that are stored in your mind's antipodes are sooner or later projected onto the outer world. Your ego always wants to be right, remember it. 

What really crossed my mind at first, was this saying that to make a step forward to the profound enlightenment one has to get rid of all of his intellectual beliefs. In other words, facts about this world and about selfhood, mind's dualities. It makes so much sense as the intellectual notions literally put us in limitations. What if you leave yourself alone and just be with the mind and body you've been given. Not resisting, not answering to triggers, not attaching to the end goal or having any expectation of how you should look like or what you should be doing, what goals you should have already accomplished, equally, not creating resistance and spamming your mind with the nagging and affirmations. Simple as it sounds, not happy with your body? Be gentle with it, take responsibility. Your skin is breaking out? Be patient with it and celebrate it, your body and soul is purifying. Start by shifting your mindset, the core root of any "problem", the action part will come inevitably. Everything you do has to be done with love and trust. God gave you what you can handle. 

If you haven't yet, feel free to join me in the 20-day meditation journey with Jay Shetty (I'm on day 8) it successfully cleanses my soul and makes my day as amazing as it would feel right now If I were lying on the beach in Maldives. I added some links down here of what portals and videos inspired me recently to feel even more lovelier living my wonderful lockdown days.

The shots taken by Jay Chow in 2019 as I remember. 




Always Love,