The most intensive uni year had passed giving the fundamental grounding for understanding of any business operational model. This had been concluded through consistent brand development project from scratch, where I could immerse myself in a creative and analytical process of structuring my own dream fashion brand. 

The focal point of my business was definitely the sustainable and ethical propositions of it, as I had observed, my consciousness of sustainable fashion had been rising, it was only natural for me to get my head into the new gen brand movement linking to more ethical garment production and brand operation practices. 

Not getting too much into the detail of how that project went as there were so much less creative stuff to talk about, I would rather show you the bits that I had done in 2019 on Christmas break in Lithuania, where the only photographer I could get my hands on was my mom and my sister to be the co-starring model. It was as independent as any development and experimental shots could get. It was meant to help me get a clearer idea of my brand identity and general style aesthetic and indeed it served it!

Cassette - my lovely baby project. A subtle clash of eternal classics and androgyny, a cultural insight reminiscent communicated through the additional up cycled scarfs and heritage infused vintage jackets that could be ripped and deconstructed on spot. The idea in this shoot was slightly generalised as the collection 2020 for my brand had a completely different design approach. However, as I mentioned, the photoshoot was only arranged with an aim to help me shape the ideology and aesthetic agenda for the brand that at that time was only really born in my head.