2019 was an exciting year in a way that I could meet some other creatives outside my university - which is always so welcome. As may some of you have already experienced the creative exhaustion, when you are so indulged in the uni projects with a clear target to finish through with the assessments that you simply get trapped in the deadlines and lose the interest in creativity. Not so much of the interest but perhaps time.  That could be well reflected in my blog turning dead.

My encounter with Jay, however, brought new perspective into how I see my creative agenda now. He has significantly shifted my interest in my modeling and film photography. We had met a few times for these late night shoots. He all the way from Liverpool, after having finished with at least 3 other paid photoshoots, meeting me for a late drink that would later end up with us strolling through Bank and Monument streets and capturing our visions away. 

The shots were made in cold days of 2019 in London. Among other series of photos, these were the closest to my heart as I had always felt a need to sit on the edge just where the trains pass and wait for one to come to do the shot with it.