Victorian era echos with a strong sense of Westwood influences incarnated in the look that has been cultivating in me since I settled in London. Is it only me here that gets so much affected by a foreign fashion climate. Don't tell me you've never noticed.

 Sometimes I look at myself as if I am a piece of clay on the wheel being moulded and shaped by the hands of the pottery maker. While some of us, as observed, are already firmly shaped, fired and glazed presented into this theatre of life with their own sense of a strong identity, the others are on a never-ending hunt for authenticity. And perhaps that thrill knowing that you are always to be confronted with uncertainty, also, having been blessed or cursed with the ability to be changed, is what fuels that inconsistency in life and eventually in wardrobe. 

All the best,

I was wearing: 
Vintage jacket, Miss Sixty skirt, Zara boots and knitwear, brooch from my mom's old jewellery box