How I successfully kept on re-building my creative balance in 2019 considering that I was a full-time student, doing a part-time job I didn't really like? Well, it's one of the pleasures of living in London. All the creative places are easily reachable and can be explored without any fees, everything here is also very dynamic which allows for an indefinite flow of creative energy. It is so unbelievably easy, boredom is a word you cross out of your dictionaries. 

It is interesting, one of the pleasures that I have found in myself not long ago through consistent meditation is that I seek for discovering beauty and entertainment everywhere. Alongside intriguing multi-faceted galleries, I do appreciate just walking the same street again and again but identifying different traits and changes in it each time. Visual merchandising of the stores fits perfectly right within the spectrum of my interests. Being also a marketing student, I was gifted to develop an eye for the capitalistic empty beauty and still appreciate and get inspired by it. 
Having visited Dover Street Market , their concept style store was structured in a way that we were just like the little kids lost in the playground, not knowing what swing to go on first, and forget about the shopping. On certain days, stores can really serve as a good reality escape equal to museums or events. Maybe not what the business owners would like to hear, however, from my viewpoint it indeed provided the most indulging experience only by the help of sensory inputs working in line with a foreign approach to artistic expression.

I was wearing: 
Zara Trousers/ 2INCH boots/ZARA scarf/ Thrift coat