Well first of all, let me wish you peace & light, from the bottom of my heart. This years has been a challenge for all of us. It tested all our physical, psychological and spiritual boundaries. I still believe that no matter how unstable and inconsistent the flow of life seems under the circumstances we live in today, during this miraculous time, when everything's falling into place, we can truly find meaning and strength within any minute of nowness. 

Speaking of my own, I couldn't express enough how blessed I am for everything this life and universe has given me. This period until now has been the most eye-opening. My life has turned upside down, I have gone through several changes and transformed myself into someone new, or to be more correctly, someone who's more me. This period will always be remembered with gratitude as I've been given a chance to finally wake up and step on my feet after being pulled down by my emotional baggage for as long as I can remember. I am aware that there could be more of you who might be going through the same awakening process, trying to escape your individual cursed karma circles, fighting your shadows. If that's you feel free to reach out to me, I would be more than happy to hear your story and share mine. I will be posting some peaks from my spiritual journey anyway as it is part of my life now and it's a pleasure to pull that onto the surface so you could finally get to know the real Laura.

And what about the XMAS, I had the splendid Christmas Eve evening at my new home that was also an inevitable moving-in party (have to say it was the most  unexpected moving out & in plan that I will talk about later on). The place was put to the test for coziness, idiotic dance moves and politics and corona related debates of course... all ideal despite some broken glasses and 1 crushed radiator hahah. No one was hurt! Not the usual way to spend this magical moment as it's quite a tradition for me to be surrounded by my family, but have to admit I think it's about time to step out of that comfort zone and to find warmth and love in the open hands of my London family. Love you guys!  †

Shine bright,