More than the sustainable wardrobe issues, thrifting attracted my eye for showing the liberal and authentic dressing potential. Over the past three years, I have been consistently finding myself in the bulks of garments spread out in the numerous vintage or second-hand shops. 

This has all started with finding that one good store. In Lithuania, it has already been popular to stroll "Humana" among the next generation kids more than their grannies. It's relatively small but an exciting place for used goodies, perhaps the best one that could be found on this planet. Well if to sum up the assortment and their pricing policy- the one that allows the client to claim that win-win deal. Humana changes the range on a full-scale monthly and keep updating it with few items more each week simultaneously reducing prices that drop to 30 cents per item. This goes to the same gorgeous furry and leather pieces and branded goods. As it may now sound all too good, you might be actually right. Rumour has it their operational model is not as ethical as they portray it to be. However, before doing any further research I am not going to make any statements and if you know something about the matter, hit me up with a message on social media. 

Going back to my first idea, I fell for thrifting because of many factors mainly coming from sustainable notions, however it provides with easily accessible and cheap material for my creative agenda. Looking for something distinctive, on-of-the-kind can indeed get addictive and does help create the authentic self image, however, has anyone spoken up about the energy here? I have heard people speaking about the hair extension thing with the past-owners energy luring around, making it less appealable to buy. Certain eye times can indeed looked a little bit haunted as if they still have the presence of the past owner's aura, have ever thought about that? That does actually help when you find something really cool looking, such as leather jackets that if tried on can make you feel that extra confidence, adventurous or extreme. It does play in nicely with my own energy. The garments are not only what you look like but also how you feel like. this is where thrifting made a huge turn in my life.