And I am back with part II of our  Face Time shoot by Jane Akeno (@COUTURECLICKS) for our "Non Verbal Edge" collection. Continuing with sensational and provoking, I love seeing myself in this light. That does really remind me of the dynamic human nature and paradox, cause it's all there is in the universe and in my mind and body. I am inspired by the idea of change and notions of cosmic rule that our reality is shaped from what we hold in our heads. Well, interestingly,  if to look back to five years ago, there was no fantasy at all with me being partially dressed with leather and lingerie posing in London, speaking about art and spirituality, oh and I should mention me publicly acknowledging my own intimacy. Career-oriented fashion lady was something I was headed to at that time.

It's not the first time, I must say, when life throws me a trick, seems like it turned tables around to show me that this is the thing that I was probably seeking all along, but couldn't see it, being busy fighting and resisting these characteristics. Perhaps facing my deepest fears, overcoming my tedious control and expression issues were things that were really needed to push me forward, as a human being and not a career person. I wasn't imagining myself nowhere close to how I talk or move my body now, to the point, it seems like an additional layer of some exotic personality is added on to me. But somehow, I still believe, life is all about "unbecoming"what you are not and returning to what you were meant to be. I like to think that what I actually experienced was re-connection, to my own being, body and mind. 

“I will run from my fear, I will outdistance my fear, then I will hide from my fear, I will wait for my fear, I will let my fear run past me, then I will follow my fear, I will track my fear until I can approach my fear in complete silence, then I will strike at my fear, I will charge my fear, I will grab hold of my fear, I will sink my fingers into my fear, then I will bite my fear, I will tear the throat of my fear, I will break the neck of my fear, I will drink the blood of my fear, I will gulp the flesh of my fear, I will crush the bones of my fear, and I will savor my fear, I will swallow my fear, all of it, and then I will digest my fear until I can do nothing else but shit out my fear. In this way I will be made stronger.” — Mark Z. Danielewski, "House of Leaves"