I am sharing the last shots made by wonderful Jane Akeno (@COUTURECLICKS) who did capture me in a different light and did that through Face Time. What a talent!

Usually during evening time like this one, with this huge full moon over my roof I would naturally get into pouring my deepest emotions and thoughts out, yet today and same as yesterday, I feel like contracting myself from online presence more than ever. It's the best possible timing for these shots to appear, as it perfectly describes my current need for self-love, self-assurance and some proper nurturing. Getting back into projects and writing this blog was all I ever wished for and it's been a crazy productive and exciting journey. Have to say it required a lot of determination, patience and courage to come back without a glossy facade and sugar-coating. It's a good time for me to make a step back to properly praise myself for work I've done and re-energize so I could have enough strength for the upcoming endeavours. 

Interestingly enough, coming back to the fact that we are praised with the appearance of the majestic full moon tonight, and if not for my inner curious child to seek for answers for any mystical and strongly energetic thing, I wouldn't know that today's full moon is a symbol for "overcoming fear of self-expression". How synchronical life is indeed, self-expression has been in the centre of my mind for quite some time now since started blogging and it seems like all the questions I've been carrying in my head has finally started to solve themselves. Has anyone of you felt that coming?  

Sending Love