My mind has been very very twisted lately, apologies. Not gonna lie, reading too many books and hearing all the mind challenging podcasts at once can be a bit overwhelming but what can a girl do when she's too into it and just wants some facts and then more fact to support the previous facts. Feeling a bit drained and sleepy, I try my best to take the words in and just hope that all pieces of information will find each of their own place somewhere in my brain, fill the blindspots and start making sense. 

It is now funny to remember myself pointing my finger at all the mind players I had dealt with, blaming for how well they darted their stories into my head. Well, I am gonna say this, the biggest mind player is my own mind. When you think of it, my brain is wired so it aligns with one core condition which is to protect me and prolong my survival on this planet, cope with the intimidations of reality. However, what if it is much more flawed than the reality itself? Just writing these ideas out made me remember one of my posts I shared on Instagram and I said something like "Perception is everything". Back then, I wrote that caption with no big idea what meaning did perception really had in my life. Yet perception is indeed everything, when you think of it, it is all that changes, projecting us the same single reality in different versions that fit into our desired lifestyles. I believe that, that's a bit shocking, reality now is rarely perceived as it is. It is changed, manipulated, adapted to our needs and wants by the tricky mind. Let's face it, we do find it easier, I mean coping with the things and situations, making preferences, when they are labelled "black and white", "good or bad", "green, not green" so they are better distinguishable and we can now make a preference whether that or that has place in our life. The sad truth is, it does make us give biased answers back. 

In that regard, I promised myself to practice receiving information and digesting it with no judgement, taking no sides, no labels, just clear reality, brutal honesty, nothing personal. That does go back to my previous article, linking to the idea of "letting go" or "detachment" if you happen to jump on  board too, give it a look!

For a personal update, just wanted to share with you what's actually going on these days too. My mom has come to London for her work, but what I like to believe in is that she's here to spoil us with her mothering attention. Absolutely happy to have her around, it feels like home is more home now if that makes sense. With no big devotion to the artistic photography, she always tries her best when she's behind the camera. Today we got to produce some polaroid-esque shots for the article while stopping by some beautiful streets around the Bank - Monument area. Like it couldn't get more atmospheric in that natural smoggy filter with wet surfaces and fresh air, brings back the nostalgia. Love you, sleep tight!