So happy to be bringing back some new exciting collaborative projects on this platform. There's nothing more rewarding than having to connect with other creatives, especially those who have an attitude above the horrible tyranny of the restricted creative expression. Oh my dear, Jane Akeno (@COUTURECLICKS), that girl has some "pushing forward", "let's do it" energy around her that made me instantly click with and soon we came up with an attack plan against closed studios, boarders and long distance stretching from London to Genk

I say, let's take art to another level. Playing with editorial and raw modes of photography as far as it was allowed by the virtual shoot gear which was two laptops and a phone that was strapped and taped where Jane was directing me. The fun and patience is the epicentre of this kind of shoot and a few cigs and upbeat tunes were needed to accompany us while we were working things online and physically, being located in different countries. Look forward to some BTS material as it's also coming up as a major +, giving way and courage to get your foot into what can be called lockdown proof photography, that will probably be when I will get more into how it actually feels to be a part of virtual shooting and there's definitely gonna be not only something to reflect on but have a giggle at too.

Another thing that made me sooo damn excited about the shoot was a concept for the pictures, that we mutually nurtured and conceptualised to the "Nonverbal Edge". Underpinned by purity and expression evolving from self-realisation and re-connection with your body (working around ideology from "Julie Le Brun as a Bather, by Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun 1792). The concept itself was proposed by Jane first, only after like two conversations we had with her. Skipping the big talks, I was surprised how well she could see me through and tapped into what I currently find an important self-realisation journey. Personal and sensitive till it hurts, yet can be turned into a great piece of art. 

Trusting your photographer to enter and shoot in the most intimate place of all, your home, is what makes virtual shooting stand out amongst the usual. Snapping shots from the screen does make up what  is the rawest and non filtered version of you as well, while it might seem like it's a step behind in the reels of editorial world at points, it wouldn't be completely wrong to say that it does tie in pretty well with the rising generation's crave for individualism, authentic and honest portraiture of identities in fashion and art. Digitalised shooting could be there for us as an additional pathway allowing to explore more creative, intimate areas of our life, not glistered by what the advertisers want to see.