Hi you gorgeous beings, a little article today to share these old photographs of me in my full indie profile that keens to appear here and there when the times is right. We worked on the shots in my friend's then-apartment in Vilnius. Yup, at the time I was still in Lithuania, if I am not mistaken, two years ago if not more. Quite an outdated thing to bring up, yet It does give me an instant energy flow of that feminine liberty, my beautiful youth, reminds me that today is the day when I am looking my best, glowing and blooming like never before so there's no reason to be self-absorbed and locked in my own prison. As long as it gives these good vibes, it can be 5+ years old, I am posting it.

Today my thought train took me to the alter ego situation that have been going on in me and probably you as well if to be at your very honest. No way someone acts all the same in different life situations. Don't you agree? I tend to catch myself in situations carrying myself differently, feeling differently, where even my manners or tone of voice freaks me out sometimes. I may sound a bit oversensitive about this one, but because it sparked a new curiosity in me, big enough to make me want to journal each moment, I want to find out where this all comes from in a first place. Well if before I was somehow judgemental about letting out these different personages of me, now I tend to look at it from a more positive perspective. It is easier to see it as some music artists or actors do.  All gowned in the outstanding, controversial pieces, most importantly, wigs or other head covers, that entertain us and yet, I feel like the main reason is to actually hide insecurities, shyness and potentially our shallow, vulnerable human nature. Having been on stage before, I have learn that publicity is not for the faint-hearted and certain additional characteristics are needed to appetize the audience. One simply can't afford to expose himself as vulnerable and another thing is, it's not really possible to go out there on stage and do a show being the same version you are when you just get out of your bed in the morning. Putting on a face does give more energy and freedom for bold and creative personalities that are magnetic and empowering. And when we do allow ourselves to explore what other roles are we capable to play in our own power, I think, that's when we are truly undertaking journey of self-discovery and growth.