For some reason I've been having this continuous feeling of something big coming my way. It was much more than my eyes could visually see, perhaps better described as a strong intuitive feeling. Like the universe itself started pushing me forward to set my mind for a specific goal, to take action (if you ever wonder why I started writing my blog again). As crazy as it may sound, these spiritual occurrences, how I call it,  the most common type of it would be this gut feeling, when I feel something click inside, noticing something symbolically odd happening in the environment, simultaneously, answering the question that has been circulating in my head all morning. This idea is much easier to understand in the meditation - yogi context. When the mind is tamed, is not busy filtering thoughts and emotions and dealing with all the other distractions that surround us 24/7, it starts being aware of the tiny details or energy vibrations. The meaning of synchronicity in life starts making a lot of sense. Most importantly, it becomes quiet enough to hear a voice of intuition. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the pathway to hearing that inner voice has been opened with daily meditation practices. I've learnt to continuously return to the calm and relaxed state of mind and start seeing a clearer and bigger picture of me. That, I realised, is the strongest tool I could have ever encompassed. Making difficult choices in life is no longer difficult. 

So I've started this journey again. A journey of shared word and it's always been a true pleasure, especially now when I feel like sharing more real content, more of what's actually me and part of my authenticity. I've also realised that there's so many of us living similar, parallel story lines and are not that different when it comes to high ambitions. Through my blog I finally started to feel connected to you. And, in the end, that is all that matters most. 

To open up my platform,  I had to make a conscious choice to leave my fears behind. I figured out how much I restrained myself, in the past, because of the installed fears in me, disguised as 'social norms' or 'family presumptions'. What's more, I feel like the biggest obstacle was actually fearing MY OWN POWER. Finally admitting that to myself out loud, the synchronicity doubled, I started getting signs non-stop. Through lines in my books, movie scenes, slogans, hallucinatory experiences, song lyrics, waking up at night to my clock showing repetitive number sequences... Drawn from the spiritual beliefs, I had to research it, believing that there was some sort of connection or links. Or else why would it be out there? The extensive research and journaling of trying to put all these points together revealed that it carried  'start doing it, it's time' kind of message - all of them indicating one & same thing. My feelings at that moment can be hardly described, it was surreal and liberating at the same time, fuelling my deeper curiosities. But if you're interested, a good eye-opener to start with would be this TED talk by musician and energy intuitive transformational coach Ulla Suokko on Signs. This one really inspired me to start looking at conversations with the universe more seriously. You can put that to the test straight away!

So with this new all thing about philosophy, spirituality going on - all the important stuff in a time of great uncertainty, I will be bringing up the topics that have been caved in me for ages and hopefully you would recognise your own reflections in some of my words to help you carry on with your own journey. Speaking of more content, I will be looking for ways to update and improve the content to accompany my words with, to experiment a little bit here and there. Until then  enjoy the moments from the rainy moments of today that I spent with my sister in Soho strolling around and in one of our favourite coffee places. NUTTEA serve amazing vegan coffee/tea. And fyi, it's a not paid ad, I just sincerely love their coffee and people there.