Bliss point captured. Creative process in the main design studio before submission of the final assessments (University of Hertfordshire, 2020). 

Got to admit that I really enjoyed studying, especially in my final year. Could be because I am such a nerd than it comes to academically growing skills and knowledge, I always had a tendency to fully participate and don't get me talking about that indescribable desire to be the A student at all times. Surely it had to be something I loved doing. 

First two years weren't the easiest ones cause I was seated at one of those complex looking sewing machines and had to learn the craft of pattern cutting and sewing. Wasn't my thing. I think one of the reasons being it so calculative. Being precise with numbers and measurements on top of that, can quickly get my hot temper out, you should have seen me there hahah. Oh how many late nights I had spent sobbing near those terribly noisy sewing machines, it brings up the forgotten freshman nightmares. Yet, the final year was nothing like that, I was given a chance to cut off sewing off my life completely and turn to the fashion business & marketing side which was still challenging but made me feel much lighter and free. I was passionate about what I was doing even it was a rocky and doubtful road to ride. 

I love these shots, first of all, because I am really proud that I took them. We were wrapping up our projects just before the deadlines and I am immensely surprised at myself how I managed to shift my focus from my work to get that disposable camera out for even 10 minutes that could have been spent on getting over with my references. And secondly, I do have a thing for documentation, of any kind. I am such a collector of memories. I always capture them with my eyes first, recognise all the good angles and moments and re-capture with a camera when possible. It is so deep rooted in me that I get this feeling of shame when I miss the good shot opportunities, which is the same as when you lose something.