Hello there my sweet loves. This morning I was pleasantly surprised by the flashbacks of my blogging career. I remember that time as a very tranquil and bold period. When everything I cared about in a day was to take at least one good shot to entertain and maintain my readership, leading to this exhausting need to dress up in an extravaganza way, sometimes even up to two times per day. Well as we all grow and change, so did I. My perception of the fashion blogging principles had shifted as I was naturally growing into sustainability. Concerned by a thought about our blind consumerism & wastage, meanwhile having glimpses of my overstuffed wardrobe sparked the idea to fully disconnect from the person that wasn't me and impacted the re-launch of this blog you see now.

On that note, I did set up my mind to come back from whatever I wasn't and that included simplifying my taste in clothes. I could finally find peace in wearing black clothes and minimal jewellery, being okay with not attracting too many eyes on the street. Also, I had to cut off irrelevant sponsorships and partnerships with brands that do not align with my vision. 

Some things have never changed. As my blog has always been a platform to document my style and aesthetic vision, I still carry this urge in me to stop along the way to take a picture of my look. I want to keep focusing on how I adorn my body throughout the days, hoping that the images will provide some inspiration for you too. Life for me has always been a contradicting field of light and heavy, dark and light. I do want to keep on having a deep discussion with you, yet I cannot resist to throw in a cheeky sentence about the new shoes I've got. The pictures I am sharing with you today are more similar to what I was doing five years ago, a bit cheeky indeed, but take it with a grain of salt. This platform has been an ideal draft e-journal for me, for all my nonsense and exciting projects. I choose to continue observe my transformation, change of mind and attitude to life with a hope that you will tag along.