Some memories can never be taken out of my head. I talk about the family moments, trips, mother nature. So beautiful! I can remember windy walks on the main bridge, smell of the freshly baked waffles on the street stands, sunsets and evening talks like it happened yesterday. This happened in Palanga 2020 colder spring days. After graduating uni me and my family organised this escape to refresh our heads, it was around the same time the intense first lockdown took over too which made this runaway so special. I remember I had been mentally exhausted after sleepless nights spent on finishing my uni assessments, having anxiety attacks and fighting my total inner misbalance. Well, sea and sand is the answer my heart had been looking for. Re-union with nature and my family works better than any anti depression medicine, it heals my body emotionally and psychically. You can scroll down below to see some of the magical moments we had.