To compensate for the three years of not posting on my blog, I will, from time to time, share what I do find in the archives. Some of the oldies make my heart pound like it happened the same day. But actually, the shots appeared on my Instagram in 2018, the same year I cut my hair short for the first time in my life. Probably expecting a big change happen in my life. Isn't it's when we decide to cut our hair short? Also, it brings so many memories about spending late hours in the centre of Vilnius with the girls. Enjoying new conversations with people you meet through people.  I was travelling back and forth from the UK very often, so It was very normal to get to know great people and loose contact with them the next day. Although my pictures always lock the memory in.

I remember feeling a bit of a mess, going into the newly opened La Boheme restaurant which was and is till now located in the old Gothic building (what a vibeee). Yet it was much more fancy than I expected and these pictures greatly hide my concerns with my skirt being too short and accidentally ripped stockings haha (what a vibeee). The second shot is the only shot I have with the amazing newly born designer Gabriele Boram from that evening. Hopefully she is having a splendid life.

Oh and Oh, I am finally on Spotify too, by nickname Lauramacij, so make sure you follow me, I would love to hear some of your stuff too.:) I personally think these shots go great with the ''Oops'' playlist, which has been created for the girls who are always out and about. Check it out!

Speak to you soon,