Welcome to my mezzanine studio in London. I thought I would never say this, but allowing photographers to snap pictures of me inside my most sacred place is somewhat interesting. Perhaps, because in the current stage in my life, where I have seriously taken my surroundings, my flat, my room as an extension of me. And therefore, for someone coming in, especially for the first time, its revealing something more than a bare introduction of my selfhood, simultaneously, making me question the perceivers portraiture of my story. 

We connected with photographer Edgar Bajercius, who came all the way from Kaunas to Dartford and then from Dartford to London, to participate in what we called the satisfying our appetites with creativity in the dry season. And with all the challenges that the circumstances presented us, these vulnerable shots are meant to be looked at differently. Need to say, we are all on the same boat, yet being equipped differently solely based on our varying perceptions, motivations and simply being the victims of our own surroundings. To emphasise the photographic limitations that I am personally bound to encounter, within my own space, meaning the reduced access to all the exciting props and pompous garments that I used to be so much into.  Or perhaps it's not the limitations but rather a new embodiment of me, that, by the support of the isolation and restrictions, acknowledged the simplicity, stoicism, a cry for a new haircut so bad that it's desperately abandoned now somewhere deep in mind and I am left with an attitude that couldn't care less, so there's also messiness, mismatching garments that didn't get a chance to be de-cluttered. It's amazing how discomfort can become our comfort. If at first, it's a hard pill to swallow, to embrace what's been our biggest contradictions and objections, now it's the body that has taken on a flexible perception and gave up the resistance to flow along where life takes it. Very raw and full of clarity, the pictures are intended not to hide but reveal my day-to-day approach to the solitary life in my poetic messiness.