What a beautiful world we would live in if we left our reality independent from our needs and illusions. If we saw people for who they really are and not based on the existing stigmas. This would allow us to enjoy life as it is, without expectations or attachments and connect with other people on a more authentic level. We communicate with our reality indirectly, I find this very interesting. We use our five senses, through which we experience our life, so it is all filtered and to some extent is limited, and what ego does it disrupts our perceived vision of reality even more. Most of the time we meet someone and we already paint that interaction in colours that our ego wants to see. If you meet someone from a different nationality, you already view that person not as an independent individual but with the prescribed sense that is built up from your personal experience and knowledge. We always connect or disconnect with someone based on whether that person's gonna bring something good in my life or there's no use of that person at all which makes us act certain way. It's scary to imagine that most of our actions are need based due to our very selfish nature. Acting and thinking from your ego created patterns means looking at the world through a crooked lens. You have to be careful cause at times when you think you act most selfless, in reality, you find yourself playing an unconscious manipulative trick on someone, to get what you want. 

Perhaps I give ego too much attention, yet it's been the core of my attention since I became dedicated to ripping that layer off of me, which I believe, would allow to align with my high level values and experience life fully. Have to agree, I cannot hate that judgemental voice in me  because it exists solely to not get me in trouble and this is something to appreciate. But what eventually happens, is you end up falling into its trap. Going out of comfort zone is something that your ego will never approve of, it wants you to stop exploring and sit exactly where you are, safe in your pyjama and work on your sandwich making skills. "Identity only has meaning in relation to the rest of the world" - "Suppose that I see myself as the most intelligent being on earth. If I line my walls with bookshelves, read and write, and never go out of the house at all, I could probably sustain this identity for myself". (Lines from the Donna Soto - Morettini book "Slipping Into Something Comfortable". If you go out to encounter with the bright and intellectual human beings you will be quick to find that you were only holding a bedroom vision of yourself and you're by far not that clever as you thought you were, your ego hurts.