I can't believe that until now the pictures have been piling up in the shadowed corners of my archives. These hold such a great and funny story behind that I will probably have to share some time later on. For now, let me start by saying that what you see here is a much younger me, slow dancing to rock music, being fully connected to my own aspirational image, the character born out of that moment. Even though the crooked way of thinking I possessed, is now something I am gladly moving forward from, I would re-live the strong unfamiliar sensations coming from my heart, allowing the blissful life-determining emotions flow from within. If you're interested why, keep reading.

I slowly get to grasp the importance of the mastery of our conscious mind. While on the contrary, a sub-conscious thought always decodes our feelings as the rightful ones and operates those to become our realities, the conscious thought is something we can work on mindfully. The intellectual side and the feeling we do pass upon the sub-conscious, in the meantime, determines our futures.

I believe it has a direct correlation with a reality shifting experience, if that term makes any sense to you. Not too much for me just yet to be honest. 'Reality shifting' can be a challenging idea that has its extreme levels of understanding. There's always room for more exploration. What really put me on track though, was a very interesting video where Leeor Alexandra talks her viewers through the reality shifting concept, you can find a link below. It eventually started making sense for a spiritual beginner like me. Feeling is the secret you're looking for she said. To change your life, one cannot stay the same and continue the same way of living (or feeling to be more precise). The important realisation is that the feelings we decide to hold upon re-write our story line. Starting with a choice, even such small and seemingly unimportant act as "should I eat a sandwich or salad today?" does make a difference. Simply, the choice determines the feeling and change in your energy, dictating the further scenarios as your day unfolds. Fortunately, the power to create and work on our mood oscillations, energy vibration by adjusting the choices, habits and perception is in our hands.

“Heaven and hell are within us, and all the gods are within us. This is the great realization of the Upanishads of India in the ninth Century B.C. All the gods, all the heavens, all the world, are within us. They are magnified dreams, and dreams are manifestations in image form of the energies of the body in conflict with each other. That is what myth is. Myth is a manifestation in symbolic images, in metaphorical images, of the energies of the organs of the body in conflict with each other. This organ wants this, that organ wants that. The brain is one of the organs.”  - Joseph Campbell

It is possible to feel that change of energy happen and I would practice it by purposely feeling and re-playing and re-living the ideal scenarios again and again. So going back to what actually happened in that room, was my masterfully created  experience of what I had hoped to have some day, yet in fact, the reality was so far away from that. And yeah, it's interesting how these shots were done in 2018, and now I do live around in the same area. That did magic to me.