Omg where shall I begin...well I finally had this long awaited collaboration happen with one of the coolest characters I met on this planet, dear Franci (@TANGERINEYTANGERINE on Instagram). It's always a pleasure to work with people who like to experiment, with their own clear vision transmitted through the shots they take, but foremost, when both of our aesthetic visions are working in sync is a real phenomenal experience. And this is exactly what happened this one depressing rainy day in London.

She really snapped me in one of my states that I definitely seek to explore more. While I adore how the flash added on that Studio 54 vibe (aaaayaaay love it), there's so much more to these shots that makes me say aaaaayaaaay! One of those things being a reminder that I am a small bird with a terrible hunger. Perhaps it is better understood through my personal eye, these little details that tell me to stay humble yet be driven by this continuous hunger to explore all the different layers to me, dig even deeper and enjoy the heck of that searching. I truly believe that one of our duties in life is to determine what ultimately define us, find something what makes our hearts beat, blood rush and skin shiver. Provide our characters even more depth and complication. This idea really lifts me up there, making me believe in the existence of super-humans as we sometimes are. 

Keep your frequencies way up,