Another series of imperfect film produced by my grandfather's soviet analog camera, just an experiment we did to put that old gem to the test.

What you're actually meant to see in these shots is Erika's silhouette. Somehow her delicate moves always perfectly blend in with the background, this time in a spooky shadowed tunnel. And shadows. For a long time, I couldn't see much beauty in them, or actually, didn't even try to see within their depth for their very natural being. But have to say, very innocently, my natural  call for spirituality made me befriend the shadows as so many times my books describe them as very useful instruments in the healing practices. For instance, in spiritual context, there's this 'shadow work' - an important practice to re-frame your mind if you aim for enlightenment. Or by learning tarot I realised, the shadow word is used to describe a reversed card - explain the areas and situations in life that need to be addressed. 

Very synchronically, as my interest in the shadow work grew, I finished reading an interesting fiction (although seems partially like a memoir) story by Paulo Coelho called "Pilgrimage". To make it short, the story is about Paulo himself in search of his goal. During his pilgrimage, his guide taught him all the different RAM practices that despite sounding like a very astral thing, do really show their true value only when applied in a common daily life. I am going to share the shadow practice only that should be used as a problem-solving meditative technique. You can find all of them pin pointed here.


Relax, calm yourself down by taking a few deep breaths. For the first five minutes, focus your attention to all the seeable shadows casted by the objects around you, analyse them. For the next five minutes, continue to study the shadows but start thinking about the problem that you want to find an answer for. Consider all the possible wrong solutions first, that would make no effect to the problem or would actually worsen it. When you have eliminated all the wrong ideas, for the next five minutes, start thinking about all the good answers (usually they naturally pop up, as the right answer is always indicated by the wrong one, it's on a flip side of a wrong). Eliminate the right solutions one by one till the most appropriate one remains.