These experiences soothes my being. There's a very beautiful story behind how we started hanging out with Eva and Seeman in my home in London, that really is another beautiful example how the words I say loudly or the ones I secretly write in the corners of my journals always manifest themselves. People say we attract our opposites, but truly, we attract who we are. Don't you agree?

I remember the day I moved into my new place and got to know my neighbour Seeman, whose presence felt like a gigantic hug. She is a full-time creative, spreading her positivity through her illustrations, meditative hand pan music and a lot of other things I can only assume she is doing, cause creatives are way too layered to be read from the first instance. You can read more about her own creative path on her blog here. Anyway, it turned out very interestingly, just when I started opening up for a change and really digging in the new arenas such as spirituality or tarot, life introduced me to this lovely human being who is concerned about the universal love, mindfulness, shamanic rituals as much as I am and who perfectly summed up my approach to deep profound connections. And who also introduced me to the coolest astrological and witchcraft bookstores around, where I learnt more about the magical area I live in now.  It really brings up a smile on my face, because it tells me, the universe has been listening all this time.

Don't remember on which day of the week this happened exactly, in lockdown you just stop following the days I guess. But god remembers how we very spomntaneously happened to be in this tea and tarot session, when we were discussing the traditional oriental types of tea as we meditatively were sipping them, followed by the entertaining tarot games for guidance. And have to mention it, there's a very interesting meditation practice that Seeman taught me, that is practiced with a tea. I think it's worthy of your attention, I would share it later here cause it helped me to overcome one anxious time in the past, when I got locked out of my room. With nowhere to go, I was lucky to had planned another  meditation-tea-drinking gathering beforehand where I surrendered and meditated the anxiety out till I reached full clarity again. After it, the problem solved itself. 

To spare a few words on my sister, Eva has been tagging along from the start as she always loved to share and receive help regarding her skills in linguistics (very amazingly, she is currently mastering her 6th language) and even though having her sceptical viewpoint on all the transcendental banana ideas, she, just like any other woman is a bit of a querent in her heart (from the Latin for “seeking”).