We made it, lions! We made it through the exhausting and the unpredictable year of 2020 with all its ups and downs, blessings and insensitive pranks. We made it through this one hell of a roller coaster that was dropping us at the new door that we can only hope to open to something different. 

To reflect on what actually happened, 2020 was something to be thankful for. Despite the fact that most of it was spent inside. This, on the other hand, allowed me to face my inner dilemmas more closely and engage in the gradual soul cleansing process that was so much needed and could be only possible with that spare time that the lockdowns allowed. It has also taught me the power of connection and how much I am actually dependent on people, especially on my fellow creatives. I truly believe that none creative soul could proceed without people that surround it as they are all what inspires. I love people, I love our  planet, our world, our home, I love life and its gifts.

My personal journey can be  reflected in the pictures you see in this post. Nina Nunukova asked me to pay a visit to Wimbledon and help out with this project for her friend's uni work. It is always a pleasure. I love how the shots turned out even though it was unbearably cold to shoot outside. While you scroll through, mind that these go super great with BITAMINA - SAM NU SAM song! It was on replay and kept me inspired while I was editing.

This post initially was meant to touch a topic about a complicated vulnerable inner world that each of us carries inside. How we stock up our emotions and throw on a face that makes us adapt to the society and culture we live in, how we suffer from unsaid feelings, making us isolated suffering human bodies that are unconditionally brave and strong, paradoxically, shattered inside. The plan was to go deep into this topic, yet I couldn't bring myself to do it. This topic is so relatable to me and people around me. I feel like I am not ready to speak about that yet, being afraid of the past wounds to unstitch itself. However, I found these shots produced ideal for the idea of "LETTING GO". I am really determined to face the new year without fears and start a fresh page with more gratitude and gracefulness. No shame, no guilt, just unconditional love for myself and everyone around me. As cliche as it may sound, the idea of universal love and gratitude has shaped my world completely and this is what I want to pass on to you as well. Love and light for the magical 2021.


2020 Wimbledon // London