Before stepping into 2021 I kindly invite you to shift to the reminiscent of my rainy London winter nights from 2019, complemented with the new truths and beliefs I have developed as a result of too many hours spent in a solitude due to the lockdown restrictions. 

My fellow creatives, speak up. Please let me know about the thought processes you go through when creating your desired outcomes, let me know how that defines your determination and discipline that help you get or maybe pull you away from the idealised goals. It has been an interesting time period of a relief as well as a release from a  creative field. So it has happened that this beautiful universe has been taking me through another sort of school until this right moment. Hospitality work, connections and provoking and hearty relationships. As I would like to believe,  the unexpected turn in life that did tap into my introspective journey, surprisingly, despite the abandonment of the creative nature, was very rewarding in building the new self that I always aspired to become one day. Jumping over a bunch of facts and thoughts that helped me to finally open my blog and deliver my long time forgotten experiences, I was inspired to  turn on my creativity button again. And this time, perhaps inspire you to change the old-fashioned views that very often colour our creative journeys in the most melancholic tones. Hahah says me... 

Well to touch upon a never-ending desire to create something that is worth recognition, impacts a change in a society or brings a financial freedom, what does it take? Haven't you experienced that as a self-sabotaging, need-driven and ego compelled ride, where we take it so seriously and have these high standards for ourselves that do not meet our capabilities yet? It is as stepping into a battlefield and fighting yourself. Only to create tension and resistance, taking away the pleasure. Our tendency to choose such an absurd way of connection with our work regimes might come from the old upbringing ideas based on German romanticism as expressed by Elizabeth Gilbert in her podcast #UnderTheSkin (Link here) and probably sayings such as "No pain, no gain". 

It's a great podcast questioning our relationships with our creative works, check it out. Moving to another beautifully formulated idea, if to look at from a healthier point of you, driven by the universal truth of love creative process can actually be decided by a detached and humble attitude. Where we can approach lightly and playfully, where we don't try to take over control but rather play in tune with our work in unity. That is a very inspiring podcast that has helped me to shift my perspective when it comes to publishing content again. In a foreign language with the gear that I can afford to have at this point. It is interesting how author pointed out that it is sometimes important to just post that imperfect post, finish writing a book, create that song without being too idealistic about it, in other words, allow ourselves to be imperfect just yet. The improvement will start with moving on to the next project whatever that might be. It is safe to say that we mark our improvements project by project, release by release, article by article. If to measure the success of our growth on such a scale, it becomes much easier to re-schedule our creative duties at the same time giving way for the whole process to become more wholesome. 

Photos by Jay Chow
Styling Laura Macij
Old Street, London