Breaking away from mainstream aesthetic canons to explore peculiarities and diversities. Undergrowth Collective united artists, performers, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, activists for a co-creative practice that would shift our attention within, to answer the most important questions in the light of intensifying world affairs - 

What are our realistic and most fantastic visions for the future?  How can we harness the intense emotions of this time, overcoming hopelessness? How might we connect with eachother from within during times of turmoil? How can we constructively realease and liberate ourselves? How can we develop and continually nurture harmony within ourselves? How might we channel intense emotional release to achieve inner peace?

More images below. Photographer Dave Purgas.


Ecology Walk 
Artistic Expression
Bible Meditation
Liyang Network Teach-in
Palestine Action Teach-in

Twodogs Ho with the band
I Grigli
Magda Onatra
Kitten & Cosmic Caz
Everyrose & Estella
Charlez Jimenez & Melika Mohammadi
Mirrored Fatality
Olha Korovina - Drift Kyiv
Art Raffle
Dieter Vlasich 
Lup DJ Set