Let's peek at the designer names of The Craft After 8 night.

Carlotta Loi -  Primordiale

Carlootta Loi is an artisan from Sardinia, Italy.  With ten-year experience working with leather, she has founder her own luxury-leather-goods brand, C'LOI


In her new collection Primordiale, C'LOI presents hand-made luxury leather bags, expressing her philosophy that blends functionality, clean lines and simplicity to create a long lasting product that can blend with every style and trend.

Morchen Liu -  Black Lily

Mochic, a gender-neautral, sustainable contemporary label created by Morchen Liu. Morchen aims to create a timeless brand with this collection Black Lily - The lonely and mysterious flower that grow on high mountain with an altitude up to 2500 meters. "In our oriental myth, the black lily is a totem, bringing attraction and affection." - says Marchen.

Black Lily 

This special capsule collection is a synthesis of Morchen's childhood myths and stories and brings the traditional oriental silhouette a refreshing, sensual modern twist.

Jana Januskova  - Untitled

Jana takes us back to early witchcraft. Her ripped & torn, distressed look bids us to investigate imperfection, the unknown, and tempts us into the acceptance of unspoken sexuality.


The designer uses the garment's manipulations as the main philosophy to create her designs, as she follows the flaws in garments as a guide for new expression. By her own words her "negative side is that she never organises anything" and "lives forever in a state of disorder". Organised chaos birthing great creativity.

Esther - Vcycle


An arts and crafts inspired by up-cycling movement. This collection Vcycle, is modern vibrant urban streetwear, embodying sustainable fashion values.

Xiaoling Jin - Under The Shell

Xiaoling's multidisciplinary skills and interests bring her work to a crossover world between the digital and physical space. She's exploring IRLxURL fashion and human interaction. Her work is informed by values such as community, sustainability, emotion and immersion.

Her work was chosen as Vogue Italia Talent cover for the September 2021issue and also featured various magazines such as BFC, Global Design Graduate Show 2021 in collaboration with Gucci and the Art Council of Wales.

Under The Shell

In her collection Under The Shell, we follow the story of the chapters restrain, quest, perceive, demolish and rebuild. The film is a journey beckoning us to listen to the inner voice, and is a call to awaken consciousness, embracing and loving your own body.