Known for their secret ceremonial and enchanting artsy events, Undergrowth Collective reunited some well-versed underground artists for a beautiful cause. "Rebirth"encapsulated a fundraiser with an art raffle, hence some magick soul rejuvenating spells from performers were all on offer to kickstart the blooming and promising spring season. Tensed from collective distress in the background of wars across the seas, those who knew, gathered  in a well gypsyish decorated venue near the canal to release   clogged emotions we had been storing throughout winter - collective desire for faith was never this strong. 

Space that Undergrowth put up felt at once like a remote planet and familiar oasis where connecting with the outside and re-connecting with the inside is only natural. And leave it to the creative hands! A night with theatrical performances, soundscapes and changing acts, in which presence one will always find himself again. 

More in detail about the performers in my next post, including the act my team curated for that night too. For now enjoy the community shots by Heena Song.