W1 Curates & Xumiiro 0010x0010: Intelligent Artefacts 02.02 Beta

W1 Curates & Xumiiro 0010x0010 presented AI installation in Flannels shop in Oxford Circus, raising questions of where does AI stand today in the creative process. Can "AI art can be considered "real" art?".

Dutch-American artist 0010x0010 speaks trough her dark psychedelic post-contemporary visual installation, blending ideas of artificial intelligence, mental health, and the intersection of fashion, makeup, and avant-garde underground culture.

The eyes were indulged in visually stunning video sequences at which core were bold - avant-garde fashion statements that could be spotted from miles away thanks given the projections outside the Flannels shop. Fashion appeal was huge and surprisingly not over-stimulating, thanks to the contrast of simplified dark-echoey soundscape and empty space.

I have been meaning to go and check out one one the W1 Curates exhibitions for a while now. Well recommended, see their upcoming immersive events here.